Updating slax updating nvidia bootcamp

Hello The 32-bit hard float port is complete and available now in the "current" branch!Thanks to everyone who has donated - much appreciated form of recognition and encouragement (particularly last week when I hit tool chain problems).

From here on out in this How To we assume that you are using Slax-6.0.7 on your USB flash drive.

No hay grandes novedades como tal , mejoras en rendimiento , algunas aplicaciones nuevas y correcion de los bugs reportados.

Se ha trabajado el sistema de menu de aplicaciones , para que si llegase una actualizacion de seguridad del paquete “kdelibs” , el menu no se rompa , como ha pasado en la version 1.0 hace poco.

Posted below is a problem I am having with my Acer Laptop.

Since I know almost nothing about Linux I thought I would post over here as the laptop thread may not be able to help me.

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