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Josie, aka @josie_landry is a self-described “unapologetic activist and ally for body positivity, intersectional feminism, LGBTQ rights, & black lives matter.” She has gained a following of over 2,000 in her short time online.

Just last week, marked Josie’s one year anniversary since starting her transition.

first debuted, the show's backstage scandals have often been as compelling and twist-filled as the on-screen storylines.

And considering the high melodrama quotient at Seattle Grace/Grey Sloane Memorial Hospital, that's really saying something.

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July 2007: Washington appears on to share his side of the story, claiming that he did use the F-word, but not in reference to Knight.The atmosphere may affect the way you interact: Is the bar so loud that you have to yell?Does the app have rules about who is allowed to initiate contact?We choose our dating apps the same way we choose bars, parties, coffee shops, concerts, and everywhere else we go with the vague hope of finding a mate — based on the people.Sure, you may prefer the drinks at this bar, or the décor at another — just as you may prefer the user interface of one app or the chat features of another — but the make-or-break factor in whether you stick around to flirt, or clam up and leave, is the crowd.

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