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In the first two weeks of jan I write down my resolutions, but they’re more plans and goals.Honestly, I achieve about 99% of the things I write down.Dear Hypothetical Future Husband, First of all, let me publicly berate you for showing up so late.

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But as facial recognition programs proliferate and biometric passport photos become the norm, what will happen when your digital identity supersedes the version of you that grows old and wrinkled over time? DNA testing and fingerprint analysis and all that technology stuff is objective, they declare confidently. Until that day it scans your data and decides you’re that criminal everyone is looking for, and so you are, even if you’re innocent. Histories such as Natalie Zemon Davis’ “Return of Martin Guerre” probed the ramifications of impersonating someone else in a preindustrial, illiterate 16th-century French society.I am glad we don’t have to be embarrassed about pooping around each other. Our car-ride sing-alongs thrill me and you look very sexy when you pay bills. Thank you for saying I’m beautiful even when I’ve just woken up and I smell and my hair is wack and it’s clear you’re lying.Every time I see your face, imagine me dramatically passing out like those girls in the front row at a Beatles concert because I can’t believe that you like, like-like me. Thank you for entertaining the idea of having kids with me. I hope that together we will embarrass the shit out of the kids as often as possible.I am pretty sure that’s the only reason anyone has kids to begin with.Thank you for forgiving me when I admit that I was wrong, even though it might have taken me an annoyingly long time to admit it. I am a brilliant comedian and should be recognized as such. As we get older and our single-person tenure adds up, it gets harder to compromise. I’m proud that we love each other enough to work on it.

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