Dating customs of puerto rico

Good thread here, I had thought PR women **IN** PR would be more unchanged.

Invest in a passport cause this place is no different than the US Mainland and believe me the lil passport investment will payoff better. But it seems I have become less romantic, less patient, and more demanding over the last 10 years.

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After the vows are read, the groom gives this plate to the bride as his wedding gift to her.

This practice is said to symbolize good fortune for the couple's life together.

First I shall say that, of course, not every Puerto Rican wedding is the same.Our buildings blend traditional colonial styles with a bright palette of colors.Our music brings together instruments, rhythms and sounds from eras and places as distant from each other as 18th century West Africa and medieval Spain.Weddings in Puerto Rico remain a traditional affair that invites the family and friends of the bride and groom together in celebration of the couple.You may find the traditions of a Puerto Rican wedding speak to you, and that in planning your destination wedding you want to integrate some of them into your own big day.

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