Degrassi actors dating

We’re not supposed to ride horses, I don’t think, while we’re contracted for the show. I really miss them and I want to start riding again. The opportunity came up and I ended up going to LA for the hiatus. When I went back for season 13, they were like, “Oh, you’re going to have to dye it back.” I was like, “Okay, yeah, sure, I’ll like make an appointment with my stylist.” But I knew if I went in to the read through and they saw it on me, I was like, “They’ll probably get it and they’ll like it.” I was just hoping that was the case. I said I was either going to go platinum blonde or jet black.

I think it’s a safety thing, but we just finished filming this season so I really want to get back to it. I went platinum blonde first, which I’m glad I did.

, Netflix’s iteration of the long-running Canadian teen drama, Yael Baron maintained a complicated, increasingly demoralizing relationship to gender.

At the season’s emotional midpoint, “#Facts Only,” Yael realizes that they’re gender nonbinary, making them , which has held a strong record of queer representation dating back to its first generation, introduced its first transgender character in Adam Torres, pushing the series further toward visibility for LGBTQ groups that are traditionally scarce on television. In the decades since, it’s changed names, casts and even channels—and now airs on Netflix.The show continues to take LGBT representation to new heights, from Snake’s brother Glen coming out as gay in 1987, to the introduction of the show’s first genderqueer may have graduated, but they still are close pals!Lauren Collins, Shane Kippel, and Jake Epstein reunited on Monday, June 29, giving fans a thrill — and a sneak peek for what's to come! (Racing to post this before @shaneykipps does...) #DEGRASSI," Collins, 28, quipped via Instagram.

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